From a Pop of Color to a Dose of Drama, Five Ways to Bring Color Home

 Decorating with neutral tones is timeless and always chic, but color adds a completely different and more personal dimension to a space. The power of color is that it imparts joy and lifts our moods, and just like art, it tells a story about who you are and the life you’ve created at home.

 Of course, experimenting with bold shades can seem unnerving—the choices are endless, it feels like a big design commitment and no one wants to make a mistake. We’re not suggesting you paint every wall and reupholster all the furniture, but it is possible to ease into color without a full-on chromatic transformation. A few artful additions make a stylish difference, so embrace your vibrant side. Your white walls won’t hold it against you.

 1. Accessorize with Pairs

power of color pairs

Pillows, decorative objects and accents are the finishing layer for every space, and they present the perfect opportunity to be a little more daring with color. Maybe it’s a favorite piece of jewelry, or an on-trend hue you’re drawn to—follow what you love. Smaller decorative pieces indulge your desire to create a colorful living room without going too far. They’re also low-risk acquisitions that can be swapped in or out easily. The key is to arrange them in pairs, such as a bright set of table lamps on a console. Place them around the room so the look feels cohesive and balanced.

 2. Set a Colorful Table

power of color tablewareEntertaining is our passion—it allows us to gather, connect and reflect in a modern world where everything seems to get faster. It’s also a chance to create an inspired world with tableware. If you’re still faithful to classic white plates, enliven the scene with bright table linens or colored wine glasses. Our tumblers are handcrafted in Los Angeles, and each one is a colorful and unique expression; so no two are alike, just like your guests. Take up that spirit and choose one in each color. And forget about matching—there are no rules. The same applies to cocktail hour: our prismatic champagne flutes and zingy shot glasses are a bright addition to your bar cart. They also happen to look beautiful on display in between parties.

 3. Use Paint as an Accent

power of color paint

Photo By Taylor Hernandez

Choosing bedroom paint colors or deciding what hue to paint an entire living room can be an overwhelming change, so start small. The contrast of color against white is foolproof in design. Choose one area, and let that be your color moment. Give your bedroom door or the trim around it a vibrant update; concentrate on the interior wall of a bookcase or a small nook in the bathroom. The power of color allows you to infuse your personality into a space, no matter how modest. And if you’re up for the challenge, painted ceilings are a time-tested interior designer trick. Treating the “fifth wall” to color is a sophisticated upgrade.

 4. Experiment with Flowers

power of color flowers

Nature isn’t worried about creating the perfect arrangement or which colors might clash. Take your cues from the beautiful, wild and carefree spirit of the natural world. Flowers are irresistible and offer the ideal way to try out new color combinations. May we suggest our vase collection to accommodate your next botanical adventure? Place a single stem in one of our bud vases, or grab a rainbow’s worth to host in our table vase. You can’t go wrong; and along the way you might discover a new favorite hue, or a latent talent for pairing colors.

 5. Rethink White Linens

power of color bed linens

Photo by Sara Afonso


Somehow society grew frightened to use anything but white bed linens. Of course, we all regard the bedroom as a sanctuary, but serene need not mean boring. A fresh set of colored bedding can invigorate your senses and give you an extra boost in the morning. We naturally respond to texture and its tactile appeal (think cashmere sweaters and the luxurious feel of a silk dress). The same can be said for a vibrant throw. Draped across a neutral duvet, it’s a small statement that can be patterned or solid and serves as a cozy way to rouse you into new ways of thinking.

Author Arianne Nardo is a Los Angeles-based design editor and lifestyle journalist. She is the former editor-in-chief of Interiors magazine and recently served as the Home & Design editor for Robb Report. Today she writes for several digital and print outlets and spends all day thinking about interior design.

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