Sophisticated Ways to Do Seasonal Décor

As summer fades, our attention turns to cool nights, chunky sweaters and open windows. Transitioning out of summer goes beyond editing your closet (though we enjoy that task immensely). The change of seasons also means taking a fresh perspective on your interiors. It’s smart to start thinking about fall and winter decorations now, before all those end-of-summer sales begin tempting you with more outdoor accessories. (How many picnic sets do you really need?) If you’re ready to resist, we have a few ideas on how to get your home ready for a cooler season of holidays and entertaining — without packing up everything you own.

Sophisticated Ways To Do Seasonal Decor Think Cozy

Think Cozy

That feeling of warm, comforting bliss at home actually has a name. We can thank the Danes for introducing us to the concept of hygge, which is all about creating an inviting atmosphere at home. Trust that the country with the happiest people on earth know what they’re talking about. Hygge applies to everything from wrapping yourself in a soft blanket, lighting candles and putting your phone down to make a cup of tea and enjoy a peaceful, quiet moment. Hygee is about setting the right mood, so it’s a good place to start as you’re planning how to incorporate holiday decor or winter decorations in your space. To achieve maximum nesting comfort, consider positioning a chair near the fireplace. If you don’t have one, you can set up a reading nook in a favorite spot and designate that as your personal off-duty sanctuary.

Sophisticated Ways To Do Seasonal Decor New Textures

Surround Yourself in New Textures

During the winter months, we live in layers. At home, the effect can be similar and just as delightful. Think beyond throws and blankets and use rugs as your new way to indulge in texture. Interior designers have long encouraged overlapping rugs to create visual interest in rooms. Sisal is a classic base, and the woven staple is universally beloved, whether in a seaside home in the Hamptons or a cabin in the woods. To update the look from coastal to cozy, layer an antique Persian (or antique-looking one) or a series of hides for a variation in style. If knotted and chunky is more your thing, opt for a woven rug or a softer-than-a-cloud flokati—both feel luxurious underfoot and announce a natural shift in the season.

Sophisticated Ways To Do Seasonal Decor Create Nature Inspired Vignettes

Create Nature Inspired Vignettes

Not too long ago, Instagram brought us the shelfie craze, with elaborately appointed bookcases and credenzas flaunting accessories, books, art and even jewelry. We propose a chic update on that trend by inviting natural elements into our holiday décor. 

Fall foliage is one of nature’s most spectacular costume changes. If you can’t make it to New England, you can summon an autumnal palette by arranging flowers, stalks and branches in a series of tall and short hand-blown glass vases or bowls in fall hues. As winter approaches, your materials can shift to fir sprigs, eucalyptus and pine branches — each comes with fragrant benefits. Arrange them on a mantle or coffee table — anywhere visible — as a reminder of your creativity. The idea is to design your own winter decoration display and rely only on natural elements, because anyone can buy ready-made décor…

Sophisticated Ways To Do Seasonal Decor Traditional Holiday Palette

Move Past a Traditional Holiday Palette

While green and red are traditional holiday colors, there’s no mandate to play only by those rules. If that color combo clashes with your style, winter white looks striking as a holiday décor aesthetic, and it’s hardly a compromise. Use white lacquered trays, or chic accessories such as our crisp handblown Aspen White Victoria Falls candle, to compose a more sophisticated scene. Metallics are also a beautiful, celebratory option that can be mixed into existing décor, so if you have an abundance of rose gold and brass, now’s the time for them to join forces.

The advantage of creating something that’s not holiday-specific means you can set it out as early as you like, and it won’t appear out of step between October and December. 

Sophisticated Ways to Do Seasonal Decor Rest Of The House

Don’t Forget the Rest of the House

Most holiday gathering happens in the living room and dining room, so it’s easy to forget the rest of your space. A fresh wreath or door mat are natural, but often under-appreciated places to honor this time of year. If you’re crafty and want to take on your own wreath project, we are all for it. Otherwise, a tasteful store-find with an embellishment or two can work fine. Bathrooms often have limited decorative possibilities, but a bold candle scent can make an impression, as can the simple pulling out of a cast-iron skillet or crock pot in the kitchen. They may not seem like decorative choices, but just seeing an enameled casserole dish out on the counter can get you in the cooler weather mindset — or at least inspire you to use it.

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