The Four Best Flower Vases to Display Every Type of Bouquet

When it comes to flower vases, one size does not fit all. The shape and style of the vase you choose has a significant impact on the way your bouquet will be displayed, so it’s important to build a collection of glass flower vases that range from delicate to show-stopping. That way, you’ll be able to pick the best one for the occasion next time you decide to treat yourself to a bunch of blooms. Consider this your go-to guide for finding the right vase shapes for all your favorite flowers.

Best flower vase shapes hourglass vase

1. Hourglass Vases

The hourglass is one of the most common and versatile decorative vase shapes. As you might guess, these vases get their names from their curvaceous shape, which features a base that tapers towards the middle before widening out again at the neck. These fun, flared vases work especially well for short-stemmed selections with large heads like peonies and hydrangeas, as it puts their huge blooms and full petals on center stage without feeling off-balance. 

Though everyone should have a traditional clear hourglass vase in their collection — which will beautifully display the colors of bigger blooms — this is also a great opportunity to play with color in your home. Choosing a blown glass vase in a soft green or blue will complement pastel petals, while more vibrant pinks, reds and oranges will make saturated red roses (which also look fantastic in hourglass vases) or vibrantly hued hydrangeas pop.

best flower vase shapes table vase

2. Table Vases

Like their curvy sisters, table vases are also an extremely versatile piece to have in your collection, as they come in a variety of sizes and shapes, running the gamut from thin and narrow to soft and rounded. We’re partial to the latter, as it offers satisfying symmetry for full bouquets of roses or bushy bunches of mixed wildflowers and a sophisticated anchor for more willowy daisies. 

Because of its simple shape, this type of flower vase lends itself especially well to design elements like bold colors and patterns — making them pieces you can have on display all year round, regardless of whether you have a fresh bouquet to display.

 best flower vase shapes bud vase

3. Bud Vases

When it comes to building out a well-rounded flower vase collection, bud vases can often get overlooked. But you’ll be surprised at how much you’ll find yourself reaching for this small vase shape. They are excellent to have on hand should you need to break a bigger bouquet up or need a place to display that handful of wildflowers you picked on your morning stroll. 

Arranging a cluster of bud vases displaying stunning single blooms is also an easy way to dress up a dinner table or guest room — especially if you go for a few in different, but complementary, shades.

best flower vase shapes glass bottles

4. Non-Traditional Bottles

Beloved by bohemians and readily available, thin glass bottles and mason jars are a fine makeshift vase. 

The former, like Cheryl Saban Glass’s hand-blown accent and decorative glass bottles, are a great way to play up the already whimsical look of long-stemmed flowers like lavender, colorful Gerber daisies, and springs of baby’s breath or eucalyptus. Just be sure not to overstuff them with too many blooms, as they’ll lose their undone look. Mason jars, on the other hand, are a great way to dress down more formal flowers like roses and peonies to fit right in with rustic or vintage environments, such as a laid-back birthday parties.  

When it comes to buying or creating your own flower arrangements, picking out the right vase is half the fun. If you’re looking for a striking new vase to suit your favorite bouquet, consider one of our bud, hourglass or table vases. Designed in a wide array of styles and colors, these whimsical creations will go hand-in-hand with your blooms.


Rebekah Bell is a writer based in Los Angeles.

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