How to Decorate Your Home with Global Décor

From the sandy white beaches of Cabo to the lush rice terraces of Bali, traveling to exotic new destinations is a surefire way to bring a dose of wonder, adventure and color to your life. If you’re experiencing a serious case of wanderlust as you plan your next trip, why not bring a piece of your favorite vacation spot home? From creating a home drink station inspired by Polynesian tiki bars to turning your patio or balcony into a Parisian-style café, these four travel theme decorating tips will help you bring the colors of your travels into your home.

travel theme decorating safari

travel theme decorating safari drinkware set

1. Africa: Transform Your Living Room into Safari Central

If you’re still daydreaming about the African safari you took last summer, why not model your living room after one? Paint the walls in natural creams and browns to suggest the look of the savanna, and then hang global décor like African masks, tribal wood carvings, wildlife photos or woven baskets on the walls. Consider incorporating bold animal prints (such as a Zebra rug or leopard pillows) and sculptures (elephant or lion figurines) to pay homage to Africa’s wildlife. To imitate the look of a sunset on the savanna, consider using bold oranges and reds for accent pieces and furnishings. Polish off the room by using natural, understated materials such as leather, wood, and rattan to match the local aesthetic.

travel theme decorating Bali

travel theme decorating Bali drinkware set

2. Bali: Design a Yoga Sanctuary

Find your inner Zen by turning a spare room into a serene Balinese-style yoga studio. To really bring Bali to life in your home, you’ll need to incorporate the bright greens and soothing blues of the rice terraces and waterfalls as well as the beiges and browns of the villas and temples. Start by covering the floor with an interlocking wood print mat or bamboo mat. Then choose some large plants (think bamboo and palm fronds) to channel the spirit of Bali’s lush foliage. Next, mimic the tranquility and soothing power of Bali’s multiple ponds and pools by setting up a water fountain or feature in one of the corners. You might also want to hang photos of verdant rice terraces or Balinese temples on the walls. If you don’t have an extra room in your home, consider creating an outdoor yoga deck decorated with colorful lanterns.

travel theme decorating Paris

travel theme decorating Paris drinkware set

3. France: Turn Your Patio into an Al Fresco Café

Bring the romance of Paris to your backyard by assembling your own al fresco café on the patio or balcony. . If desired, you can paint the patio or balcony a light gray to match the rainy weather often found in Paris, or a light beige or brown to resemble the townhomes and buildings that line the streets. Then add a multi-piece bistro set (consider wicker or iron pieces for an especially Parisian aesthetic). Next, add shrubs, trees or plants around the perimeter of the patio or balcony to create a sense of secluded space by mimicking the trees and plants that hug the Seine. Incorporate pops of color by decorating with pink and purple flowers, and use string lights and a chalkboard menu for the final touches. Invite some friends to sip wine (in a playful glass, of course), eat pastries and enjoy leisurely conversations. You just might feel like you’ve been transported to the City of Light.

 travel theme decorating mexico

 travel theme decorating mexico drinkware sets

4. Mexico and the Tropics: Create a Home Bar with Colorful Glassware

Nothing says summer vacation like sipping cocktails or downing shots on a sugar-sand Mexican or 

Polyenisian beach. To keep the party going even after your return to the real world, set up a bar in your basement or living room and stock it with colorful shot glasses and tumblers

If you want something a little livelier, design your own Tiki bar instead. Bring the look to life with a teak bar and decorating the surroundings with bright Polynesian art and carved tikis. Consider also adding a few plants and palm fronds to resemble the vegetation found on a beachfront, and incorporate light blues and turquoise to match the water. Then, serve your favorite rum cocktails in colorful glasses. Every drink will make you feel as if you’re back on a favorite beach, sipping cocktails with not a care in the world.

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Rebekah Bell is a writer who lives in Los Angeles.


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