Sienna Brown Wine and Water Glass Set of 6

$175 $360
Please allow up to 3 weeks for delivery!

What's included in this set? 3 Sienna Brown Water Glasses & 3 Sienna Brown Wine Glasses.

This colors are making their way in to retirement so this custom set is only available while supplies last!

Each Cheryl Saban Wine Glass is designed and crafted with love in our Los Angeles studio. Featuring a wide, pear-shaped base and slightly tapered mouth, they hold about 10 oz. of liquid and stand a little over 4" tall.

Each Cheryl Saban Water Glass is hand blown with love in Los Angeles, holds about 8 oz of liquid, and stands approx. 4 1/6". 

Every Purchase Gives Back

As a brand with beauty, joy, and hope at our center, we also believe that every person deserves a bright, safe, and prosperous future.

Cheryl Saban is committed to the wellbeing and education of women and children, and each purchase makes a direct and positive step toward that goal.

The Artist's Process

While Cheryl Saban artisanal glass is hearty and substantial, we still recommend washing all pieces by hand!
Please allow 2–4 weeks for your glassware pieces to be handblown, packed, and shipped. All of our products are sent directly from our studio in Beverly Hills, California.
We take great care to lovingly pack and ship our glassware. In the unfortunate event there are discrepancies or damages to your order, please contact us within 5 business days of receiving your items and we will make it right.